Oh my!

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The other day, my first post on here…I had a complete and mental break down!!!

Corona and chips!

Ugh – just thinking about it, I am shaking my head and kicking myself.

But there was a reason!


Like many women that I share this beautiful mother earth with, I was having ‘that time of the month’. Yes, it reared it’s ugly little head by the way of food binging and crying.menstral cramps

“There’s a tear in my beer….” 

Now there is a country song for you!

If you have the type of victim mentality personality – then country music is your life’s theme music! I can guarantee that if you have thought it, or been through it, or THINK you have been through it – there is a country song out there for YOU!

I personally love worship and praise music.  Lately, one of my most favorite songs is “Oceans” by Hillsong United! Here ya go, I will attach it here for your listening pleasure. It really speaks to the heart on so many levels and it is such a beautiful song! It is very deep in the meaning. Just stop for a moment, close your eyes, sit back, and take in the words that you hear. I promise you, if you let it, it will touch you!

So anyway, back to the other day.

But I told you, you are going to get the fully open, unfiltered ME! Like it, love it, or hate it!

Now for the good news!

I have decided to start doing something about this bulge and the battle that I have to get rid of it!

My entire life…. no no – that isn’t right. Most of my ADULT life, since the time I was about 25, I have battled with it.

But please understand that when I say I ‘battled’ with it, it was not a huge battle, not like it is now that I am 41 years young. Oh no, everything has changed now and man, is it harder to get the energy, motivation, and determination that you need to battle that nasty bulge.

When I was 25 – 32, I had a little chunkiness around my mid section. I have almost always had a tummy. I have an hour glass figure, which, I suppose I am fortunate to have. Most women would love to have that.

I am 5′ 10″ tall, have long legs, big boobs (size DD), nice features, great personality, smaller waist than hips and boobs. But I have always had that ‘pooch’.


When I joined the Army at 26, I probably weighed about 150. I got in much better shape when I was in the Army, naturally.

Then I got out. I kept it off for a short bit, but then it started really creeping on me after I had my 3rd child.

Jat's Journey 233When I was 36, I weighed the heaviest that I have ever weighed in my entire life. I weighed in at 233 pounds!!!

OH MY!!!

I became very determined to do something about it.

I was fat, felt ugly, was miserable, had such little energy, and my self esteem was non-existent.



I got up early in the morning and I worked out to Insanity which is Shaun T’s crazy workout. I ate better. I exercised. And little by little, I lost weight.

I worked my butt off to lose it….literally! Jats Journey

I ended up losing 70 pounds in 6 months!

I was buying skinny jeans. I felt great, felt beautiful, I turned heads, I had incredible confidence. It was amazing.

But then, life started happening again, I feel into some of my old patterns and food became my vice. I stopped caring so much about what I ate and made excuses as to why I didn’t work out.

And you can guess what happened next… the weight started coming back on.

So here I am – 4 years later, and at my last weigh in, I weigh 206 pounds.

But I am starting to turn things around.

I may have found a little secret formula that could be helping me curb my appetite and help me to eat less. But until I test it, I mean, REALLY test it, I am not going to share it here.

I don’t like sharing something and jumping on a ban wagon until I know it works.

I KNOW that Shaun T’s Insanity works. But it is HARD work.

I know that I have to change some things about my lifestyle. Change my eating. Change my drinking. Change my sleep patterns.


Until next time…..