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Four Beginner Weight Loss Tips That Gets Results

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As someone who struggles with weight, it wasn’t until I worked briefly with a local tree service Tampa company that I saw any tangible results. However, not everyone can or desires working a physical job.

Although a position of trimming and cutting trees burns calories, it still requires proper nutrition and hydration. And if you find yourself remaining active for most of the day, you likely need to increase your healthy caloric intake.

Below are some other helpful hints to anyone else just starting to get serious about weight loss. And if you think I’ve missed any, let me know what works best for you.

Cut Out Sugars

Sure, a little sugar in morning coffee likely isn’t the culprit to your health concerns. However, dieticians are beginning to see that sugar may be more dangerous than fats and sodium.

Many sugars are artificial, making them difficult to process and digest, forcing them to remain in your gut. As a result, you’re going to experience bloating, as well as spiked blood sugar levels.

Eliminating excess sugar is a great way to see fat levels drop. And if you think that diet sodas are helping you lose weight, it may have the opposite effect.

Do a Little at a Time

Many of us give up losing weight after a few weeks because we kill ourselves at the gym and don’t see any results. What you might not realize is that excessive exercise may cause you to hold on to fat longer.

If you are starting out on your weight loss journey, you may want to begin with three 30-minute sessions of cardio exercise. After a month or so, you can start slowly adding in weightlifting into your weekly mix.

Attempting to shed 50 pounds in one month is not an obtainable goal. Doing too much at once will result in your body going into starvation mode.

Drink Plenty of Water

There are numerous weight loss and detoxifying products on the market. However, most of them don’t get reviewed by the FDA.

Some are secretly dangerous, while others are merely quack medicine. The only way to shed fat and build muscle is with good old-fashioned diet and exercise.

Unfortunately, many beverages get loaded with secret sweeteners and sugars. Even dedicated sports drinks are more similar to sodas than actual healthy products.

Eat Better & Skip the Fads

It’s no secret that fad diets do not promote weight loss. While you may see temporary results, most are harmful to continue over extended periods.

By eating correctly with balanced meals of lean protein, fresh vegetables, and fruit, your body will respond better than with artificial diets and prepackaged foods. Even if the sales pitch sounds like it should work, any nutritionist can tell you that it’s a waste of time and money.

Instead, focusing on more natural foods and skipping the freezer aisle will achieve the most results. Celebrity endorsements are no match for natural food processing systems.

I am still working on getting through this journey, but I swear, one day it will be worth it!

I am just about to the point of being totally disgusted and fed up!

Who is with me?