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Difficulties in Life!

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“Difficulties in your life don’t come to destroy you, but to help you realize your hidden potential”

difficulties-in-your-lifeSomeone I know aptly pointed out to me that we enjoy being happy only after dealing with difficulties.

I honestly don’t know if this happens with everyone but I had my share of ups and downs.

Yeah I know, sounds cheesy for someone of my age saying a thing like that but it’s true. Simple things look horrid and feel like a load of pain, but when we get past them they become lessons for life.

These times are hard to forget as they become the ultimate test for our patience and without the right attitude and guidance they look like a boundless trail.

In most of such cases, people end up discovering their inner strengths and facing their fears more confidently than before.

I have known and seen a few of my close friends getting back at the problem with a new found zeal and potency.

I am no exception to snags.

In college I was the kind of person who you could call “overconfident”. I had a great set of friends who were always with me, and at home I never had time to sit back and relax, such amazing family. I was in a trance where I had everything and it was definitely a happy place, if I might say so.

I was into other stuff like organizing events as a volunteer and more of an outdoor person so hitting the books only happened at the most desperate times, just before the exams. But that never really mattered to my mom or dad since my grades were okay.

So I found time for things other than college work every day and if I found some spare time I would watch TV.

When life was going smoothly came the day of results and I was ready and confident.

BAAM!!! A backlog, my first!

And I went numb, for a few minutes I just couldn’t believe it, a minute ago I was standing there with my general air of arrogance and then this comes out of nowhere and stabs me. In fact, I was in no situation to at least address the fact that I might have done well if I had put in more efforts. I sat there trying to recall my preparation and how I had done on the exam day.

Unfortunately, I had no clue that this would be the case, I had to face my parents and more than that I felt useless and void. I hated being so careless and started walking past the rushing bunch of students leaving my friends behind in the crowd.

Those friends who were as shocked as I was after they saw my results but they were supportive, I must say. I had a new sense of trust towards them maybe because I know they had my back at all times.

But I hated the attention and the situation even more, it felt like a test, my head was a mess with so many thoughts.

So I dragged myself out as quickly as I could and suddenly this random guy comes up to me with a smile on his face (obviously he had no idea about my mood) and gave me a piece of paper, pointing in a direction (which I didn’t care to look at) and left wordlessly.

I opened the paper and smiled, it was a small crumpled piece of paper with “u look cute” written.

Even today, I have no idea who it was from or what it meant to say, the only thing I know was that there was someone out there who either had perfect timing or who cared enough to send a note and that made me smile.

For a moment, there I was, frankly disturbed my mind didn’t know how to respond and I looked around but didn’t spot anyone I knew, so I just walked away.

As I reached home I found my brother doing something and I grabbed him and mumbled something which didn’t make sense and also told him about the results. For me that was it, the biggest milestone “to face the facts”.

Later I had to rewrite the test and I scored a good grade but I have to admit I needed a lot of help getting there. My mom was constantly there to pull me up and never for once doubted my capability. I agree that it was a setback in my life and had a major role in changing my perception on many things.

The lesson I learnt was to believe in myself and also that nothing good comes out of quitting.

It’s nice to get advice, there’s always that one person who has the ultimate power to change our decision, and he has our best interests at heart and doesn’t stray away even if he has to take blame from us. Having someone like that around is great but such people are rare to find and hard to keep which I am sure you have figured out.

I have my brother with this huge responsibility, we have the craziest conversations and he makes me feel like a kid but that’s the best part, he is always there to guide me.

Everyone’s life is changing every day, we only realize it months later when we look back. “Every day is unique and with new challenges”.

Some changes are joyful and some are painful but yet we have to accept it. A little packet of hope and guidance is a bonus, caring enough for your friend speaks a ton about your character and is the most priceless thing you can do, but it is important to realize that we have to face our fears alone and sometimes it is best to take all the advice you can get and do only what feels right to you..

Having said that, I personally feel to handle any difficult situations, we have to first believe that it’s not going to get worse and never quit.

Strive to achieve the goals you set for yourself and in this process, discover your abilities On this note I would like to wish all of you good luck and loads of happiness in future.