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About Me

This blog is about my struggle for fitness, health, getting things right in life.

Life is hard!

But, it is what you make it.

I have struggled. I have failed. I have fallen flat on my face.

But I get back up… every single time. And I try again.

I don’t give up. I don’t quit. I don’t run.

I am overweight, about to turn 42. I struggle daily with my eating habits and getting the energy to work out. But I am determined to get back the way that I used to be, health wise.

I have a husband that loves and supports me and is a great encouragement. I have a sister that is my best friend. I have children that love me no matter what. And I serve a God that has my back and is my rock through everything in this life.

This blog is my journal, my accountability, my personal task master.

I will succeed and I will win!